Tuesday, 23 January 2007


This is an old faithful, but a good one.

  1. Show the children lots of photographs of fish and underwater scenes. Discuss the different shapes and colours of the fish, and also what else is seen under the water, such as reeds.

  2. Let the children draw their own underwater scene with wax crayons or oil pastels.

  3. Encourage them to press hard, and to fill the fish up with colour, or else the fish end up looking like they have a hole through their middle.

  4. Reeds drawn vertically through the picture look effective too.

  5. Next, paint over the picture with a watery, blue paint. It is often a good idea to make one batch of, watery, paint in advance, as children tend to make the paint too thick, which sometimes covers over their drawing. You can use thin poster paint or water colours.

  6. If you want you can cut out a black circular frame for the pictures, from black sugar paper. Draw round two plates of different sizes, one inside the other, then cut out to create your frame. If you cut off the excess picture, this gives a porthole effect, and you can display the pictures in a row, making it appear that you are looking out on an underwater world from a submarine.