Saturday, 8 March 2008

Salvador Dali and Dreams

If you find that you need to teach art on the subject of dreams or surrealism, there is a lovely children's story book about Dali called, "Dali and the Path of Dreams." There are lots of lovely pictures in the book that incorporate famous Dali images. The story involves various dreams that Dali had as a child; all the characters in them parade into drawers and are stored away until Dali took them out when he was an adult artist and painted them. I think it would be enjoyed by both key stage one and keystage two children.

  • One activity involves looking at Dali's lobster telephone and the children drawing an object with dream like combinations of parts. ie a car with loaves of bread for wheels.
  • Another dream related activity is that in the story of the, "Big Friendly Giant", by Roald Dahl, the giant stored his dreams in bottles. How about filling or decorating a bottle with favourite objects ,pictures or colours. Or designing a picture of a bottle filled with dreams.
  • Another dream related activity could be to make dream catchers.
  • This is also a good subject for mixed media collage. For older children let them use a mixture of paint, feathers, magazine pictures and any other collage material you have to hand. For younger children an effective way to get a good result if they are only likely to stick a few thing on, is to use wrapping /printed paper as a base. This gives a lovely surreal effect when other images or words are glued on.